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Timeless Kermans of Today
A home-spun 20 minute video of our Chinese weaving center. It includes all aspects of producing Oriental rugs including design, wool selection and spinning, yarn dyeing, loom warping, knot tying, washing, and quality control. Leslie interviews one of the weavers and Tom chats with the weaving center manager and other workers.

The video costs $15 (USD) which includes shipping and handling for the U.S.A and Canada. Other countries, please add an additional $5.00 (USD).

Our full color portfolio has catalogue cards of most of our Oriental rugs. The back of the card includes specifics such as the knot count and sizes available.

The portfolio cost is $10 (USD) for the U.S.A. and Canada. Other countries please add an additional $5.00 (USD).

Watch this page for new additions.

If you need to discuss any of the above items with a real person, call these telephone numbers:

U.S.A. and Canada - 1 800 669-1905
Other countries - 1 503 538-7560

We are usually in the office from 8:30 to 5:00 Pacific Time, unless we are in China inspecting rugs. We have 24-hour voice mail if you care to leave a message.

Use our print out order form to order any of the above items.