Hello, we are Tom and Leslie Atiyeh, the owners of Atiyeh International, Ltd. We are the first Oriental rug importer and wholesaler with a dedicated web site page (since 1995) and we list our dealers nationwide.

Tom's family has been in the Oriental rug trade since 1900 when his grandfather George and great-uncle Aziz formed a partnership called A. Atiyeh and Bros.

Eventually the family business evolved into a retail operation in Portland, Oregon called Atiyeh Bros., Inc and a wholesale operation in New York City. All of the famous Kerman deLuxe production was in Kerman, Iran.


Then and now: Tom and Leslie in 1997 and George Atiyeh at Portland Oregon store front 1905.

Tom grew up in the retailing side of the family operation and also traveled extensively to all of the rug producing countries. Leslie lived in China in 1982-83 as a student and English language instructor.

In 1985, Tom and Leslie reestablished the wholesale operation in Portland and moved the production from Iran to China - and now India.

Oregon State University, Dean's 2012 Award
for Leadership in Family Business. Watch this short video!


Beloved husband, brother, father, and grandfather
Governor Victor Atiyeh dies at 91. Read the Obituary